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Indonesia will Extend Rapid Transit Railway Line

10 August 2010 Tuesday, 10:40
Railway Track

The Transportation Ministry in Indonesia has approved the extension of the first line of the proposed mass rapid transit system in Jakarta.

The extension will add $336m to the project, where the total cost for the first stage has increased to $1.88bn from $1.55bn.
The first phase will be extended towards the hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta, while earlier plans proposed the line run from Lebak Bulus in South Jakarta to Dukuh Atas in Central Jakarta.
The 15.5km line, with 13 stops, will be completed by 2016, according to the Jakarta Globe.
The second phase will link the hotel Indonesia traffic circle with Kampung Bandan in North Jakarta, and is expected to be completed in 2020.
The initial tender for the project’s construction will be invited in October and could be completed in a year.
The extension has been approved by the Japan International Corporation Agency, which is financing the project.

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