Cincinnati Streetcar Makes First Test Drive

13 November 2015 Friday, 20:41

The streetcar system in Cincinnati, has completed the test drives of the vehicle along the 1.6-mile Over-the-Rhine (OTR) line.

Cincinnati Streetcar will be powered with direct current that will be supplied to it through the overhead contact system.

The live-power test drives for the vehicles were carried out from 10 to 12 November in the city.

The OTR route stretches between Henry Street to the north of Findlay Market in Cincinnati to Race Street to 12th at the southern end of Washington Park, north on Elm by Music Hall and then rubs back to the starting point.

The City of Cincinnati said in a statement: [quote font=”verdana” font_size=”20″]”The test marks new transportation infrastructure for Cincinnati motorists and pedestrians to navigate.”[/quote]

In order to simulate real traffic conditions, the tests were carried out with no road closures or police escorts.

The drives were carried out under normal street conditions with an operator driving the vehicle and engineers evaluating energy consumption and checking the performance of the traction power substations, which supplied power to the vehicle via the overhead wire.

The city is expected to receive five vehicles for the service, of which the second is expected to arrive early next month from the CAF USA assembly plant in Elmira, New York.

Further tests to check how the power system can support multiple vehicles will be carried out following the delivery.

The remaining vehicles are expected to be delivered in late January and February next year.

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