CASCO and Alstom to Supply Signalling System to Qinghai-Tibet Railway Line

A consortium comprising Alstom and its Chinese joint venture (JV) CASCO Signalling has received a contract from Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company to supply incremental train control system (ITCS) for Qinghai-Tibet railway line in China.

27 July 2016 Wednesday, 11:12

Valued at over €15m, the contract is the first ITCS contract for Alstom since the integration of GE Signalling. It wil see the ITCS installed on the Gelmod-Lhasa section of the 1,956km Qinghai-Tibet regional line, which will to replace the existing signalling system supplied by former GE Signalling. These improvements are being made to increase capacity.

Alstom’s China and East Asia managing director Ling Fang said: “This contract is a breakthrough for Alstom after the successful integration of GE signalling.

“With an enhanced signalling solution portfolio addressing urban, regional, and mainline, and through our strategic local partner CASCO, we are China’s preferred partner to support its railway projects throughout the country.”

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