Belarusian Railways have implemented the MERITS-PRIFIS Databases

12 May 2015 Tuesday, 12:05

One of the key objectives of Belarusian Railways is to improve its services and to attract more passengers. For this purpose it aims to provide its customers with the latest reference information.

Thus, Belarusian Railways has recently implemented the MERITS-PRIFIS databases, which contain information on train timetables in Western Europe. As a result, passengers can visit a major ticket office of the Belarusian Railway and find out how to get from one place to another in Europe, for instance, from Warsaw to Rome, by train. They will be provided detailed information including that on interchanges, ticket price, etc. The system makes it possible to purchase a ticket for a definite train provided there is available accommodation therein.

Belarusian Railways is increasing the availability of its services due to significant growth of passenger transport between Belarus and the states of Western Europe. The volume of passenger transport grew by 17.5% in March 2015 compared to February 2015, and there was also a 2.2% growth in April 2015 in comparison with March this year.

Passengers may get the necessary information to plan their trip to Europe at the following railway stations: Minsk Pasažyrski (international ticket offices, ul. Kirova, 2; ticket office No.5, railway terminal), Orša Centraĺnaja, Maladziečna, Baranavičy Palieskija, Baranavičy Centraĺnyja, Luniniec, Brest, Pinsk, Homieĺ, Žlobin, Mahilioŭ, Babrujsk, Asipovičy, Salihorsk, Viciebsk, Polack.

Belarusian Railways has included data on Belarusian trains in this international reference system.

The single customer database was developed under the MERITS-PRIFIS project. The database allows the members to enhance the sales within their own booking systems all over Europe. Almost all European railway authorities are members of the project. The data is upgraded on a weekly basis.

(Source: BC)

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