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Australian State Clarified Transport Plan as Draft

01 September 2010 Wednesday, 11:37
Train Freight transportation platform

The Australian state of Queensland has released a 20-year draft transport plan for improving the rail network in its south-east region.

The draft, Connecting SEQ 2031: An Integrated Regional Transport Plan, outlines 207km of new railway lines which will involve the construction of subway systems and rail line extensions.

The plan also highlights the introduction of more frequent services, higher capacity trains, high-speed express services and high-speed European-style trains.

The draft outlines Cross River Rail (CRR), which is currently undergoing a A$25m (US$22.2m) feasibility study. The CRR project will provide higher frequency and improved reliability to transport an additional 240,000 passengers during the two-hour morning peak.
South East Queensland’s passenger rail capacity is expected to triple, while the number of three-car trains is expected to increase from 200 to 400 by 2031.

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