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5 April 2013
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15% Efficiency Growth at Pilot Areas due to TMH Manufacturing System Deployment

The Manufacturing System (MS) deployment at pilot areas of 9 Transmashholding plants resulted in improving the key performance indicators by 15-20% from the starting date. These data have been communicated at the conference held on 2nd April on Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (DMZ, part of CJSC Transmashholding).

Among the conference participants were representatives of the Holding’s top management and the Holding’s shareholder Alstom Transport as well as directors-general of entities incorporated in the Holding. The MS deployment is performed on the principle of pilot areas, not less than 120 of which are launched annually. In 2013, plans call for pilot area expansion over 75% of plant production facilities, and by 2014, the MS deployment is expected to be completed.

The MS deployment involves staff training and improvement of working conditions. By now, over 26 thousand people received training – workers, engineers, managers. The number of direct production workers engaged at pilot areas increases by 2.8 thousand people annually. In the course of the conference, materials on MS priority tasks for the year 2013 and results of the system implementation at the Holding’s plants were represented. The experts made presentation of MS tools implementation experience in contexts of DMZ. Workshops on the main MS areas took place, and after debriefing on the audit performed at the end of 2012, the winners received awards.

At present, focus is on the complex tools providing for manufacturing efficiency growth, which are Model Line, Logistics and Procurement Tools, Operation via KPI. The priority task of the project remains at the present stage to deploy pilot areas and to involve staff at large at all Holding’s plants.

The manufacturing system (lean manufacturing) project is introduced in Transmashholding starting from December 2009. The program is implemented within the framework of Strategic Partnership Agreement with Alstom Transport with the active involvement of the French party. MS represents a complex approach to organization of business activities covering 5 business functions of an entity – Manufacturing, Management, Quality, Industrialization, Sourcing and Logistics. The System implies that employees’ labour and time are spent for product fabrication reasonably only if the product value is improved as a result. Any other employees’ labour and time use is considered as unsound.


Source : TMH Press Centre

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