Vossloh has Delivered Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives to Norway

11 March 2015 Wednesday, 06:18

Vossloh has delivered a G1000BB diesel-hydraulic locomotive to Norwegian mining company Sydvaranger Gruve, to be used on a standard gauge railway linking the mine to Kirkenes harbour.

The locomotive features a MTU 8V 4000 R 41L engine rated at 1.1MW, and can operate in temperatures from -25°C to 35°C without a reduction in power output.
Other features include a software to limit the normal 100kmph top speed to 45kmph, air supply for opening wagon doors, a snow plough and radio remote control, according to railwaygazette.com.
The locomotive will be used as part of the mining company’s reopening project to restart iron ore production at a mine at Kirkenes in the far north of Norway.
Carrying iron ore from the reopened mine, the new train will make up to 20 trips a day on the 8km line.

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