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TCDD Completed Ankara-Konya HSR Line

23 August 2011 Tuesday, 17:01

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) has completed a new TRY1bn ($567.9m) high-speed rail line connecting the Turkish capital Ankara to central Konya province.

The 309km line will be put into service this week and will cover the distance in 90 minutes. TCDD will initially use 12 high-speed train sets with a maximum speed of 300km/h, and will procure six more sets that will have a speed of 350km/h.

The first section, between Ankara and Eskisehir, was inaugurated in 2009. The project forms part of the 533km Istanbul-Ankara high-speed rail line.

The Turkish Government has previously unveiled a $45bn national railway development programme that will add 14,503km of new line by 2023.

The rail network will be further expanded by 2,434km until 2035, increasing the network from 11,008km to 27,947km in 25 years, 11998 km of which will be built for 250km/h operation and above.

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