Stadler Pankow will Start New Training Season

14 August 2015 Friday, 21:17
Stadler Rail GTW DMU Train Set

On 1 September 2015, seven new apprentices will begin their training at Stadler Pankow GmbH.

Stadler offers apprenticeship programmes for industrial mechanics, electricians for operating technology, technical product designers and technical system planners. “Due to a lack of suitable applicants, we have been unable to fill three of the available places for electricians for operating technology”, the HR department confirmed.

“In line with our company philosophy, we decided to actively confront the issue. That is why we’re not complaining about the lack of skilled workers, but rather taking steps to fix it”, says Ulf Braker, Director of Stadler Pankow GmbH. “We are once again starting the new training year with motivated and talented young people – we have a total of 30 apprentices training with us at the moment. Once they have successfully completed their final exams, our apprentices are offered a permanent position with the company.” Stadler Pankow places emphasis on supporting young talent and invests a great deal in on-the-job training every year. The goal is to train highly qualified specialists and to retain as many of these as possible within the company over the long term. Stadler Pankow also supports dual educational training. “A number of our former apprentices decided to continue their studies rather than immediately entering the workforce”, explains Ulf Braker, “and we are happy when we can offer them individual prospects for the future.”

Furthermore, Stadler Pankow offers students a number of possibilities for internships as well as bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Source : Stadler

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