MMC-Gamuda JV has Completed Railway Project on Malaysia

16 November 2011 Wednesday, 12:15

MMC-Gamuda joint venture has completed 57% of the MYR12.285bn ($3.9bn) electrified double-track rail project from Ipoh-Padang Besar on Malaysia’s northern border with Thailand.

The project began in 2008 and involves construction of 329km of railway track with 27 stations spread across four states. The work involves construction of two parallel tracks to replace the existing single track, including new stations, bridges and modern electrification and signalling systems.

The project also includes construction of a 3.3km tunnel in Bukit Berapit from Taiping to Padang Rengas, a viaduct in Bukit Merah and a swing bridge in Perai, Penang.

After the completion of the project, cargo shipments from southern Thailand to Port Klang will be increased.
The double-track project is expected to be completed ahead of schedule – by 2011 rather thanf 2013.

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