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Fetab Transcontinental Railway Project will Start in End of This Year

12 July 2011 Tuesday, 18:40
Train Freight transportation platform

Peruvian private investment agency ProInversión is expected to award a consultancy tender for its proposed Fetab transcontinental railway project by the first week of November 2011.

The rail network is estimated to be 1,200-1,400km long and will link Brazil’s Atlantic coast with Peru’s Pacific coast.

The rail line will pass through Ucayali, Huánuco, Pasco, San Martin, Amazonas, Cajamarca and Piura regions.

ProInversión will select one or multiple companies to carry out the two-year studies for the project before awarding the project.

ProInversión will award the contract to operate the rail line for 30 years after its construction, according to

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