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France Tests New Observation Technology

15 October 2007 Monday, 18:50
Metro Control Centre

France is testing new state-of-the-art technology to step up its video camera surveillance capabilities on all public transport by 2009 in a bid to crack down on terrorism and street crime, the French Government has announced.

6,500 new cameras will be introduced, while systems operating in provincial towns are to be progressively linked to police control rooms.

There are currently about 340,000 security cameras in operation in France according to French paper Le Monde.
In addition, the French police are to begin testing a 1.2m mini spy-in-the-sky drone to help track criminals and fight crime, according to Reuters.

But the drone, powered by two electric motors and equipped with day-and night-vision cameras, is facing opposition from some local mayors who believe technology should not replace police officers on the ground.

Source : Le Monde

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