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Ayacucho Tram Test Completed Successfully

20 July 2015 Monday, 22:58
Medellin Tram Project

Medellin this week began testing the 10 new tramway cars which will operate the Ayacucho network. The tram system will run from the center up into the hills of Buenos Aires towards the east of the city, where it will eventually link to a cable car to greatly enhancing transport infrastructure, in what is already one of Latin Americas most well-connected cities and comprehensively services cities.

Beginning at 6:00 on Monday morning, the tram slowly traveled along the the initial 3km route from the Miraflores workshop through the Buenos Aires neighbourhood to carrera 34 before all operational checks had been completed. Testing and adjustments will be made to the vehicles this week, before the route is completed again on Friday.

The tram was solely powered by the 750 system, and to ensure effective integration with the track and measure responsiveness of onboard systems. This weeks tests were completed at a traveling speed of km, but once in commercial use, the system will operate between 15 and 70km per hour, depending on the area of the network.

Initial tests have proved very successful, the vehicle left the workshop at 12 noon and by 2pm was back in Miraflores. This week internal tests will be completed at the workshops; light circuits, ventilation and cabin instruments will all be checked.

Resident of the Buenos Aires neighbourhood have been delighted by the sight of the long-awaited tram, which ghosted its way between houses on monday. During construction large stretches of the neighbourhood’s main streets have been closed, and local shop keepers have suffered.

As the project reaches it’s conclusion, Buenos Aires will now begin to reap the rewards of this important project. The network will provide fast, affordable access to the center of the city and will support the renovation and growth of areas further up the hill.

Source : MetroAmerica

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