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Alstom Hybrid Shunting Locomotive is Launched

26 September 2014 Friday, 08:03
Alstom Hybrid Locomotive

Deutsche Bahn AG and Alstom unveiled the first of a new generation of H3 hybrid shunting locomotives at InnoTrans 2014, the leading trade fair for transport technology, in Berlin.

Starting in 2015, five locomotives will be tested to verify the technical and economic readiness of the train in daily use. Operational reliability of the hybrid technology as well as the reduction in fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and the maintenance outlay are set to be tested.

The tests will be done in Franconia at DB Regio’s sites in Würzburg and Nuremberg over an eight-year period.

The three-axle H3 hybrid locomotive is environmentally friendly. It consumes up to 50% less fuel than conventional shunting locomotives and cuts pollutant emissions by up to 70%. Noise emissions are also significantly reduced.

The 350 kW diesel generators meet the requirements of exhaust gas standard stage IIIB and are prepared for future exhaust gas standards. Depending on the use, the hybrid locomotive will run between 50% and 75% in battery mode.

This makes emission-free rail transport possible in urban contexts. The locomotive can reach a maximum speed of around 100 km/h.

“With the use of this new generation of hybrid locomotives, we are taking an important step towards making this environmentally friendly drive technology ready for series production”, explains Dr Heike Hanagarth, Director of the Management Board of Deutsche Bahn AG’s Technology and Environment division.

“Our newly developed shunting locomotive is based on a low-consumption, environmentally friendly hybrid drive concept, which also makes zero emission operation possible. This unique concept guarantees flexibility as well as profitability for our customers”, says Andreas Knitter, SVP of Alstom Transport Europe.

The hybrid locomotive is being used in the model region of Franconia for innovative drive technologies. This region is supported by the State of Bavaria, which is providing around €600,000 for the project. The H3-Hybrid project is an initiative of the Eco Rail Innovation (ERI) platform, which currently has 19 member companies.

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