What do Engineers Working in the Railway Sector Want

What do Engineers Working in the Railway Sector Want

What do Engineers Working in the Railway Sector Want
August 14, 2022 10:09 am

As Demiryolu Mühendisleri Derneği(The Association of Railway Engineers), we are in service in Turkey. As engineers working in the Turkish Railway sector, our main objective is to follow the international railway developments and adapt them to the national railway, and to ensure the development of the national railway sector in the center of science. In line with this goal, we act together with many national and international companies. Chief among these are UIC and Certifer, with which we have signed a mutual cooperation agreement.

At the same time, we take part in projects under the European Union Erasmus program with a series of studies we have done.

The Rail-Ing Network (Vocational Network for Railway Engineers) project, which is included in our projects, is accepted by the European Union and is entitled to receive funding. This project is coordinated by us and carried out together with Certifer Germany and the Croatian Railway Engineers Association.

Within the scope of this project, there is a survey to increase the professional competence of Railway Engineers and to determine the training subjects they need. With this survey, which we have prepared and whose link is below, it is aimed to determine the demographics of the engineers working in the rail systems sector, to determine the trainings and training methods they need in order to offer them a better future. Due to the fact that our project is an internationally scaled project, it is very important that the experience of industry engineers working in various countries and at different service levels is reflected in the survey. For this purpose, it is important for you to participate in this survey, to encourage your employees to participate in the survey, and to share it with your colleagues, customers and/or members working in the sector in order to get results of high quality. We would also like to state that we will include your contributions for the dissemination of the survey and your information in the sponsors section of the survey report to be prepared with the project’s website, if you request it. The “Training Needs Analysis of Railway Engineers” report, which will be prepared by us after the completion of the survey, will be made available to all sector stakeholders. In this way, you, who are an important stakeholder of the sector, will have the potential to use it as an input to your human resources strategy if you wish.

We would like to state that we are open to all activities and collaborations that will contribute to the expansion of the professional network of engineers working in the rail systems sector in accordance with the international strategy of our association, and you can reach us through any communication channel.

We would like to thank you for your efforts to deliver the mentioned questionnaire to the target audience we have specified, and we present our respects.

Survey link : http://railingnetwork.com/survey/index.php/111971?lang=en

Website of the project : https://www.railingnetwork.com/

Website of Demühder : www.demuhder.org

Linkedin Page of Demühder : https://www.linkedin.com/company/77364463/

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