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18 September 2015
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Uzbekistan will Build Navoi-Miskin Railway Project

Uzbekistan has approved the building of the long Navoi – Miskin railway project , 397 km , which will strengthen its west-east railway corridor.

The current connection via Uchkuduk is 545 km long. The cost is expected to be about USD 283 million. The line is planned to be completed in 2017 and will also be electrified, according to the second phase of the project. Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have also been investing in their railway networks to strengthen their west-east and north-south rail corridors.

Uzbekistan Railways has recently announced the completion of another important project, the ground part of the Angren (Tashkent region) – Pap (Namangan region) railway, which will connect the Fergana Valley with other regions of the country. The construction and electrification of the two sections of the railway with a total length of 104 kilometers were completed on both sides of the tunnel, which is being built under the Kamchik pass.

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