US will Build Hydrogen Rail

14 February 2008 Thursday, 22:02

A new mass transit system powered by solar energy and hydrogen fuel is being built to replace rail systems in the US state of Michigan.

The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway, or Traveler, is based around a ‘rail conduit cluster’, which will also distribute electricity, hydrogen, oxygen and other clean fuels.
The public transit component will combine high-speed, magnetically levitated (MagLev technology) cars running on parallel magnetic rails, laminated solar cells and a conduit cluster to distribute power.
Each mile of rail is expected to produce about 844,800W of electricity per hour at peak time through solar energy.
The conduit cluster will be managed by US company TCP/IP Technology.
Construction for the first phase of the project is set to begin in Michigan later this year, linking the cities of Ann Arbor and Detrioit.

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