Thales will Supply Alicante Tramway Line-2 Signalling System

10 January 2010 Sunday, 06:26
Metro Control Centre

French firm Thales will equip Spain’s Alicante Tramway Line 2 with its signalling and communication system.

Working along with Spanish firms Etra and Electrans as consortium partners, the company will supply fixed communications, SDH network and GB Ethernet, and train telephony for the line.
Modifications will be performed on existing interlockings and centralised traffic control in Line 1, to integrate operation of the new Line 2 with Line 1.
Alicante Tramway is a mixed train-tram solution and its 7.1km of line, 11 stops and 12 trains are scheduled to enter service in 2010.
The line is the country’s first success in tramway for IC2S (Integrated Communications & Supervision Systems).

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