Talgo to Overhaul LACMTA Metro Vehicles

LACMTA awards Talgo, Inc. the A650 heavy rail vehicle overhaul and critical component replacement project.

01 October 2016 Saturday, 20:03

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) awarded TALGO, Inc.,  a project to overhaul critical systems and subsystems to 74 vehicles assigned to the Red Line that will be operated in a married pair configuration. The award consists of a base order of 38 vehicles with an option to add 36 more, for a total value of $72.9 million. The work will be delivered over a period of 56 months.

TALGO will replace vital systems and components and update relevant technology to ensure the continued safety, reliability, availability, and maintainability of the Red Line fleet for full revenue service and maintain the fleet’s State of Good Repair.

TALGO has been working, for over a year, with suppliers that have a proven track record in delivering propulsion, brake, communication, signaling and other components required by LACMTA. The work will be performed in Milwaukee, Wis. and Los Angeles, Calif..

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“TALGO is excited to have this opportunity to show Metro how our extensive overhaul experience will improve the performance of the vehicles servicing metro network in Los Angeles” said Antonio Perez, CEO and President of TALGO USA.

“The City of Milwaukee is very pleased TALGO is growing its operation in our city. I have seen the high quality rail car work the company has undertaken here, and I am confident this new work will meet the highest expectations,”

[/quote]Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

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