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Stadler and AnsaldoBreda will Supply 34 DMU Train Set for Italy

12 November 2009 Thursday, 10:25
Stadler Abelio Flirt3 Trains

Two Italian regional rail operators have selected a consortium of Stadler and AnsaldoBreda for a €200m deal to supply a total of 34 diesel EMUs.
The new trains will be used on the rail networks of Veneto, operated by Sistemi Territoriali, and Emilia Ro, operated by Ferrovie Emilia Romagna.

The fleet for Veneto includes four six-car 750-capacity FLIRT trains, 16 four-car 450-capacity FLIRT trains and two four-piece 450-capacity GTW trains.

The Emilia Ro fleet includes 12 five-car 550-capacity FLIRT trains. Stadler will manufacture powered cars and bogies, traction equipment and driver’s cabs and Finmeccanica subsidiary AnsaldoBreda will handle intermediate car production, final assembly and commissioning.

The order has an option for an additional 22 trains.

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