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Spain Signs an Agreement with Madagascar

31 October 2015 Saturday, 12:33

The Spanish Ministry of Public Works has signed a collaboration agreement in the field of rail transport and railway infrastructures with the Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Meteorology in Madagascar.


With this agreement, both parties will cooperate in areas such as planning and project development, building, monitoring and commissioning of railway infrastructures; preparation and management of rail traffic operation, train maintenance, workshop design, railway staff training, rail traffic management systems and, in general, any other railway activity derived from passenger and freight train operation; consultancy on planning, projects and technologies; analysis of railway transport management and operation; and the supply of second-hand railway rolling stock.

The validity of the agreement is five years, these being automatically renewable for successive periods of one year. In addition to the collaboration in the field of rail transport, the Government of Madagascar would be interested in acquiring second-hand metre gauge rolling stock.

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