Rotterdam Order Citadis Tram Fleet

20 July 2007 Friday, 19:54

The Netherlands is adding €100m worth of trams to its current fleet of tramway vehicles in Rotterdam, to make it the largest tram fleet in the world.

Rotterdam’s public transport operator (RET) has ordered 53 Citadis tramway train sets supplied by French transport and infrastructure company Alstom.

The new Citadis fleet, with 30m low-floor cars, will run on the inner-city network, replacing Duewag ZGT trams, taking the city’s fleet to 113 Citadis tramways – the largest in the world.
Delivery is scheduled for mid-2009 and will proceed at a rate of four train sets per month.
Alstom estimates that 30 other cities in Europe plan to install a tramway in the next three years.

Source : Alstom

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