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Romanian Metro Project Tenders Latest Situations

20 November 2010 Saturday, 09:00
Metro underground

Bucharest underground train network operator Metrorex has received bids from several groups of companies to build the fifth underground section of the Raul Doamnei-Hasdeu line.

A Turkish-Russian consortium comprising Dogus Group, Gulermak, Moscovskii, Metrostroi and Salini submitted the highest offer of RON1,076bn ($338.8m) and an execution period of 22 months.
The Austria-based Strabag and Romania-based Straco Group presented an offer of RON194bn ($61m) and a completion period of 30 months, while the Astaldi, FCC, Delta ACM and AB Construct association made an offer of RON918.93m ($289m) and 25 months.
Greece-based company Aktor made an offer of RON1,009bn ($317.7m) with an execution period of 25 months.
The consortium led by Dogus made an offer of RON1,011bn ($318m) and 22 months, while the association including Astaldi made an alternative offer of RON904.32m ($284.7m) and 22 months.
The project is expected to be in operation in five years and will be financed by the European Investment Bank, according to

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