Rail Baltica Project Secures €928m EU Funding for High-Speed Infrastructure Development

RB Rail, the joint venture behind Rail Baltica, has been awarded €928m from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility. This funding will support the development of high-speed infrastructure connecting Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland, and linking the Baltic region to the rest of Europe. Learn more about the significance of Rail Baltica and other major cross-border rail connections prioritized for funding.

Rail Baltica Project Secures €928m EU Funding for High-Speed Infrastructure Development
June 29, 2023 6:37 pm

RB Rail, the joint venture overseeing the Rail Baltica project, has been granted €928m from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility. Rail Baltica aims to enhance transportation and connectivity by linking Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland while aligning the Baltic region’s broad gauge track with the standard gauge track used throughout Europe. Discover the implications of this funding and its impact on the future of Rail Baltica.

Enhancing Connectivity and Unifying European Transport

Highlight the significance of the Rail Baltica project in improving and updating the transportation link between the Baltic region and Western Europe. Emphasize the goal of unifying European transport by connecting the 1,520mm broad gauge track used in the Baltic region to the standard 1,435mm gauge track utilized by other European countries.

EU Grants for Strategic Transport Investment

Explain that the European Commission has selected 107 projects, including Rail Baltica, to receive over €6bn in grants from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Provide an overview of the CEF Transport program, which supports strategic investments in transport infrastructure across Europe.

Rail Baltica’s Geopolitical Significance and Funding Breakdown

Discuss the geopolitical importance of Rail Baltica, as stated by EU Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean. Mention that the additional €928m funding for the project, combined with existing funding from CEF and national sources, brings the total secured funding to approximately €2.7bn. Highlight the allocation of €285m for the Rail Baltica line in Poland.

Future Plans and Construction Milestones

Highlight the upcoming plans for Rail Baltica, including the focus on commencing mainline construction in all Baltic States. Mention the construction of mainline objects, related infrastructure facilities, access roads, and the implementation of key services to enhance interoperability and the cross-border dimension of the project. Quote Marko Kivila, interim chairman of the Management Board and CEO of RB Rail, regarding the project’s priorities for this year.

Major Cross-Border Rail Connections Prioritized for Funding

Briefly mention other major cross-border rail connections, such as the Brenner Base tunnel connecting Italy and Austria, and cross-border sections between Germany and Switzerland and between Germany and the Netherlands, which have also been prioritized for funding by the CEF.


The €928m EU funding for the Rail Baltica project represents a significant step toward developing high-speed infrastructure and improving connectivity between the Baltic region and the rest of Europe. With additional funding secured, Rail Baltica is set to transform transportation and offer new opportunities for passengers and freight across the region.

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