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Oman will Select Contracts for National Railway

07 February 2011 Monday, 08:01

The Omani Government will select a project manager and a consultant by June this year for a detailed route design for building the proposed 1,500km railway network in the region.

SThe upreme Committee for Town Planning, overseeing the implementation of the project on behalf of the government, said certain companies had already pre-qualified, and a tender document will be issued soon.

The government will announce the contractor for building the rail line once a detailed design for the railway route by the consultant is complete, which could take two years, and another four years will be required to complete the entire construction work. The trains could commence operations on the Sohar-Muscat route by 2017, while operations beyond Muscat will need more time to complete.

The national railway will have 21 stations across the country, according to the Times of Oman.

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