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8 October 2016
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OEVRZ to Delivery of 27 Metro Trains to St Petersburg

OEVRZ has signed a contract for the delivery of 27 new six-cars metro trains to Saint Petersburg’s Metropolitan subway.

JSC “Oktyabrsky Electrical Coaches Maintenance Plant” (OEVRZ is part of CJSC “Transmashholding”) and the State Unitary Enterprise “Saint Petersburg Metropolitan Subway” have signed a contract on the delivery of 27 new 6-car metro trains with synchronic drive.

The delivery is to be completed by April 2018 (15 trainsets – in 2017, 12 in 2018). The first train must be delivered by 30 June, 2017. For the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Line 3 of St. Petersburg subway will be entirely equipped with modern rolling stock.

The main innovation of the trains to be built for St Petersburg subway is the asynchronous traction drive allowing saving up to 30% of energy, in comparison with the currently operated trains.

The materials used for the finishing of the future trains’ compartments are highly wear-resistant, enabling an effective elimination of impurities, unauthorized lettering and publicities. The passenger seats will also be vandalism-proof. The design of the ventilation system’s air intake and ventilation grids ensure an even distribution of air flows throughout the passenger compartments.

The train’s architecture envisages an electronic itinerary indication on the head cars, a comfortable driver`s cab equipped with air conditioning and a vibration-absorbing seat. The driver’s cabs will have a modern control panel fitted with terminal units with a touchscreen color display.

The cars’ external sides of the back wall are completed with fixtures preventing passengers from falling onto the tracks.

The site successfully launched the construction of new metro cars in 2010, leaving behind the image of an exclusively maintenance site and becoming the third largest manufacturer of metro trains in Russia. OEVRZ enjoys a solid intellectual and industrial potential capable of developing high quality products.

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