Milwaukee Chooses Liberty Streetcars to Starter Line

27 November 2015 Friday, 19:32

The City of Milwaukee has agreed terms with Brookville Equipment Corporation for the supply of 4 Liberty streetcars to operate its 3.4km (2.1-mile) starter line between Burns Commons and Clybourne Street. The USD18.6m contract includes options for a further 20 trams. The three-section bi-directional 70% low-floor vehicles will be 20.4m long and 2.6m wide with capacity for 150 passengers, 32 seated. Equipped with bicycle racks and air-conditioning, the Liberty cars will be powered by four 99kW ac traction motors.

Deliveries are scheduled to take place between late 2017 and early 2018. The city’s Joint Committee on Downtown Streetcar Implementation has also authorised the Department of Public Works to exercise an option for a fifth vehicle, required for the 1.2km (0.7-mile) Lakefront branch line. In October the US Department of Transportation confirmed a USD14.2m TIGER grant for this extension.


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