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Malaysia will Build Natural Gas Tramway

10 March 2010 Wednesday, 18:24

The first natural gas powered tram system in the world is to be launched in the Malaysian state of Melaka, according to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

The RM272m ($80.6m) 40km single-track system will travel at speeds of 60–80kph and cover 23 locations.
It is expected to carry 250,000 passengers every month, with each tram capable of accommodating 40 coaches and 6,000 passengers, according to

Mohd Ali Rustam said the new system would improve public transport in the region and reduce congestion, especially at the weekend.

The work, subject to approval from the Transportation Ministry, is expected to begin in May 2010 and finish in May or June 2011.

A new parking area will also be built at the main station at Plaza Tol Ayer Keroh with the new carriages to service the line being brought from China.

The public-private project will be 20% owned by the Melaka State Government, and the remainder by MRails International.

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