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20 June 2011
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Invensys Rail will Built Signalling System for Bucharest Metro Line 4

Metrorex, the operator of Bucharest Metro in Romania, has signed a deal with Invensys Rail to provide a signalling system on its Line 4 extension.

Under the deal, Invensys Rail will install signalling technology in two new stations: Pajura and Parc Bazilescu on Line 4.
As part of the 12-month project, Invensys will install its automatic train protection systems and automatic train operation systems, based on speed codes, as well as a passenger information system and a passenger announcement system.
Invensys will also provide the uninterrupted energy system and the distribution and commutation energy system in the new stations.
Line 4, the 4km line that passes through the north of the Romanian capital, is one of the Bucharest Metro’s four lines.

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