Indian Railway to Introduce Train Protection Systems

08 November 2010 Monday, 18:10

Indian rail operator Southern Railway plans to implement collision avoidance technology across its rail network this month, following the successful completion of trials.

The move has been taken in a bid to increase on-board safety following recent train accidents which have claimed the lives of many passengers.
The technology is capable of preventing head-on and rear-end collisions in mid-sections by alerting the train driver about the movement of trains nearby.
The technology was developed by Konkan Railway Corporation (KRC) and was first deployed on the Konkan railway section and Northeast Frontier Railway in 2007.
The technology was modified by KRC and put into extensive trails on Southern Railway in multiple line sections.
Indian railway authorities also plan to introduce the technology on the South Western Railway and South Central Railway, according to the Press Trust of India.
The Indian Government also unveiled plans to install other technologies such as train protection warning systems and satellite imaging rail navigation on the nation’s rail network over the next year.

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