09 May 2021 Sun

Hyundai and Hanhwa Consortium will Supply Athens Metro Cars

25 September 2009 Friday, 10:26

Hyundai Rotem and Hanhwa consortium has won a KRW270bn (€160m) contract from Greece to supply 102 electric railcars for Athens Metro lines 2 and 3.

Hyundai Rotem will design and manufacture the locomotives while Hanhwa will be responsible for export operations. Hyundai Rotem says the new vehicles will use aluminium alloy for the exterior and beehive-structured Nomex honeycomb for the interiors. The regenerative brake system will also be improved to increase energy efficiency. The delivery of the vehicles is scheduled for 2011.
The order follows a 2002 contract, when Hyundai Rotem supplied 126 railcars to Attiko Metro AE for the Athens Olympics.

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