Hungary Operates 100 Stadler FLIRTs

22 May 2015 Friday, 05:22
Hungary Stadler Flirt DMU

Stadler Rail Group has delivered on Friday the 100th low-floor electric FLIRT train to Hungary. The Swiss railway manufacturer received different orders in the past couple of years for altogether 112 FLIRT units from Hungarian railway operators: 102 from Hungarian National Railways MÁV and 10 from Győr–Sopron–Ebenfurth Railway GYSEV. Since starting operation in 2007, the trains have run a total of 80 million kilometres on the Hungarian railway lines.

The 100th FLIRT, which belongs now to the fleet of MÁV, started service after successfully completing the official running test supervised by the National Transport Authority, which is a mandatory for every vehicle that is put into operation in Hungary. The first two vehicles started their operation exactly 8 years ago on the Budapest–Pusztaszabolcs–Dunaújváros line. All of the 10 FLIRT EMUs ordered by GYSEV are already in operation, while out of MÁV-START’s 102 vehicles, 90 are carrying passengers so far. The remaining 12 MÁV EMUs will be delivered until 30 September.

Facts about the FLIRT:

– With its 102 FLIRT trains, MÁV owns the largest technically homogeneous FLIRT fleet in the world which belongs to one single operator;

– With the altogether 112 trains, after Germany and Switzerland the 3rd largest FLIRT fleet in the world is going to operate in Hungary;

– The FLIRT trains already in service have run altogether 80 million kilometers on the Hungarian railways, with an excellent availability above 94%;

– Stadler has received orders so far for 1018 FLIRTs from 15 countries. In addition to Hungary, FLIRTs are carrying or will carry passengers in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Italy, Austria, France, Belarus, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Algeria.

For the 112 FLIRT units Stadler received orders by winning 3 different public procurements. The first contract for 30+30 trains for the Hungarian Railways was signed in 2006, followed by GYSEV’s order for 4 units. Stadler won the latest procurement issued jointly by MÁV and GYSEV in 2013 for 42+6 EMUs .


Source & Photo : Stadler Rail

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