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Florida Tri-Rail Trains Starts to Operate with Biodiesel

30 October 2008 Thursday, 19:38
Florida Tri Rail Trains

SFRTA (The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority) in the US announced today that the region’s Tri-Rail trains will operate on biodiesel fuel from now.

Chair of the SFRTA Governing Board, Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, said that the switch to biodiesel had been a long time coming.

Tri-Rail is one of the few commuter rail systems in the country that can operate on such a pure blend of fuel, due to South Florida’s temperate climate.

The SFRTA currently operates 50 Tri-Rail trains.

The transition to biodiesel fuel, which will consist of either palm or soy oil, is expected to have a significantly positive impact on the region’s environment and is supported by the public transportation oversight and regulatory agencies.

Additional benefits of using biodiesel fuel compared to diesel fuel are low emissions, comparable power and efficiency, capability of being mixed with diesel fuel without modification, and safer storage and transport.

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