EN 50155: Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock standard

EN 50155: Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock standard
January 10, 2024 3:13 pm

EN 50155: Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock standard is a crucial guideline for engineers and technical personnel in the railway industry. Developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), this standard sets the requirements for electronic equipment used on trains, trams, and other rolling stock.

1. Scope and Purpose:

EN 50155 defines the rigorous criteria that electronic devices must meet to ensure their reliability, safety, and performance in railway environments. It covers various aspects, including temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, power supply, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and more. The primary objective of this standard is to provide a consistent and reliable framework for designing, manufacturing, and maintaining electronic equipment used in rail transportation systems.

2. Temperature and Environmental Conditions:

One of the key elements addressed by EN 50155 is temperature resistance. Rolling stock often operates in extreme temperature ranges, from freezing cold to intense heat. The standard outlines specific temperature classes, such as T1 (-40°C to +70°C), T2 (-25°C to +70°C), and T3 (-10°C to +70°C), ensuring that electronic components can withstand these demanding conditions.

Moreover, EN 50155 also covers environmental factors like humidity, vibration, and shock. These requirements guarantee that the electronic equipment remains functional and reliable, even when exposed to harsh operating conditions commonly encountered in railway applications.

3. Power Supply and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):

Railway systems rely on stable and quality power sources to ensure uninterrupted operation. EN 50155 stipulates strict guidelines for power supply characteristics, voltage fluctuations, and immunity to power interruptions, thereby ensuring consistent performance of electronic devices on rolling stock.

Additionally, EMC is a critical aspect addressed by the standard. To prevent interference with other onboard systems and external equipment, electronic devices must comply with stringent electromagnetic emission and immunity requirements, minimizing the risk of signal degradation or disruption.

4. Reliability and Safety:

EN 50155: Railway applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stock standard

EN 50155 places great emphasis on the reliability and safety of electronic equipment. It defines criteria for mean time between failures (MTBF) and reliability, ensuring that the devices perform consistently over an extended period. The standard also covers protective measures against fire hazards, electrical safety, insulation coordination, and more, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety for passengers, crew, and the rolling stock itself.

In summary, EN 50155 is a comprehensive standard that governs the design, testing, and operation of electronic equipment used in railway applications. By adhering to its guidelines, engineers and technical personnel can ensure that the electronic systems installed on rolling stock meet the required performance, durability, and safety standards.

To learn more about EN 50155 and its specific requirements, you can refer to the official document provided by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) website. The PDF version of the standard provides in-depth information and is available for download.

[Download the EN 50155 standard PDF here](link to downloadable PDF)

By following the regulations outlined in EN 50155, professionals in the railway industry can design and implement electronic systems on rolling stock with confidence, knowing that they comply with the highest industry standards for reliability, safety, and performance.

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