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China to Transform Malawi With Chitipa-to-Nsanje Railway Line

18 July 2015 Saturday, 10:30
Train Freight transportation platform

According t Malawi24 website; Government almost declined plans by investors from China to give Malawi a facelift with a multi-billion dollar modern railway line run from Chitipa to Nsanje for electric high speed trains.

Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) chief executive officer, Clement Kumbemba who confirmed the news to a local paper said government officials frowned at plans by China Railway Number 2 Engineering Group Limited to transform the country’s transportation infrastructures.

“It is a massive project. I should say their plans surprised everyone” Kumbemba has been quoted as saying.

The doubting Thomases at Capitol Hill have reluctantly included the plan among proposed projects captured during the Malawi Investment Forum which was held in Lilongwe.

If given the green light, the company which is also undertaking similar projects in Ethiopia could employ thousands of jobless Malawians.

Source : Allafrica

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