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CAF will Produce Passenger Cars to Amtrak

30 July 2010 Friday, 10:32

Amtrak in the US has awarded a $298m contract to CAF USA to deliver 130 single-level passenger rail cars to support its long-distance train services.

The rail cars, similar to the Viewliner model, will include 25 sleeping cars, 25 diners, 55 baggage cars and 25 dormitory cars for use on long-distance trains.

Other features include improved lighting, more efficient air conditioning and heating systems, extra outlets to power personal electronic devices and bicycle racks.

The rail cars will be delivered over five years, with the first scheduled to roll off the assembly line in October 2012, according to Amtrak.

CAF USA will perform manufacturing and final assembly work at a facility in New York.
The contract is part of Amtrak’s plan to replace its entire fleet of passenger rail cars and locomotives over the next 30 years.

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