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Amtrak Announces Business Class Service for Coast Starlight

03 July 2015 Friday, 19:56

Amtrak is launching a pilot program to offer Business Class service on the Coast Starlight from June 23 through Sept. 30, 2015.Amtrak Announces Business Class Service for Coast Starlight. These are details :
“Amtrak has converted the space from a video game area to seating reserved for Business Class travelers. During
the pilot program, coach passengers will have the option to upgrade to this next level of service.

“This is going to be an exciting summer for passengers traveling on board the Coast Starlight,” said Mark Murphy, Amtrak Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Long Distance Business Line. “The Coast Starlight has long been one of the most popular long-distance trains in our network and we are delighted to bring this new elevated level of service to our passengers.”

Business Class amenities include:
• Access to the Metropolitan Lounges along the route in Los Angeles and Portland
• Food and beverage coupon for the Dining Car or Lounge
• Reserved lower-level seating for only Business Class passengers
• Complimentary Wi-Fi access
• Invitation to the Pacific Parlour car wine tastings events (an additional fee of $7.50. Food
and beverage coupon may be credited towards wine tasting fee).

Throughout the 1377-mile, 36-hour route, passengers on board the Coast Starlight enjoy stunningly beautiful vistas — some of which can only be seen via rail — breathtaking shorelines of the Pacific, dense Northern forests and spectacular peaks of the Cascades, to name a few. The train also connects the West Coast’s most popular destination cities, including Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

New business class fares start as low as $39 one-way between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and $172 between Los Angeles and Seattle.”

Source : Amtrak

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