Alstom will Supply Citadis Trams for Greater Bordeaux

14 June 2011 Tuesday, 15:18

Alstom has won an €80m contract from the metropolitan authority of Greater Bordeaux, France to supply high-capacity Citadis tramsets that can accommodate up to 400 passengers.

The contract includes the option for an additional five to 30 tramsets that could be exercised later, bringing the total contract value to €176m if exercised.

The 43m tramsets will provide the same performance as existing sets to speed their integration into the current fleet and reduce network operating costs.

The trams will be used on Bordeaux’s 40km tram network, which is spread across three lines including 13km that is catenary-free and equipped with ground-level power supply (APS).

By 2013, the French city is planning to extend the three lines beyond the metropolitan limits, add a new line as well as 500 metres of APS line.

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