Alstom will Produce 23 Metropolis Train Set for Amsterdam

22 February 2010 Monday, 17:50

The Dutch city of Amsterdam has awarded a €200m ($270m) contract to French firm Alstom for the supply of 23 Metropolis trainsets.

Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf, the city’s transport operator, plans to upgrade the metro network, which includes building a new North / South line, rebuilding of the Amstelveen line and renovating the East line.

Alstom Metropolis Train Properties

The low-floor, six-coach, 116m-long trainsets can operate at 80km an hour, accommodate 960 passengers and will increase the total transportation capacity by nearly 50%.
Other features include automatic transportation without a driver, travel information, communication connections, camera surveillance and noise-reducing equipment.
The Metropolis trainset delivery is scheduled to begin in spring 2012, with trains to enter service by the end of 2012.

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