Alstom Presents its Latest Technologies at the Smart Mobility World Congress

Alstom will present at the Smart Mobility World Congress, to be held in Barcelona from the 14 to the 16 November, its breakthrough technologies to address the evolving mobility needs of both operators and passengers.

13 November 2017 Monday, 10:53

Alstom will present at the Smart Mobility World Congress, to be held in Barcelona from the 14 to the 16 November, its breakthrough technologies to address the evolving mobility needs of both operators and passengers. Alstom innovates in order to ensure that the railway system becomes more integrated, more efficient for transport operators and more attractive for passengers. Alstom’s aim is not only to provide rolling stock, services and maintenance but to offer sustainable mobility solutions to a world in profound transformation.

In this regard, Alstom Digital Mobility (ADM) including the Smart Mobility Lab in Spain have developed technologies to respond to both the requirements of passengers (punctuality, connectivity, and integration) and of operators (sustainability, , fluidity, multi-modality, availability and efficiency).

For passengers, Alstom presents its Optimet OrbanMap solution, a real-time dynamic information system provided to passengers in metro stations. Optimet OrbanMap allows visualisation at a glance of the metro network, its activity, trains position, travel times, service interruptions, and the level of comfort aboard the trains.

For operators and Transport Authorities, Alstom has developed Mastria, the first multimodal supervision solution. Thanks to Mastria, all the actors of mobility in a given city are linked: bus, tram and metro networks but also taxi, shared cars and bikes, police, etc. The objective is to maximise fluidity between all the means of transportation in a city and to orchestrate passenger routes

Together with intermodality, current great challenge for transport authorities is safety. Alstom has therefore developed Iconis Security, an integrated solution to manage security operations, passenger information and communications within the control centre, providing efficient, responsive and seamless supervision of both the onboard and wayside installations. Iconis Security is capable of detecting and managing all types of incidents that may affect the safety for passengers, staff and infrastructures, such as abandoned objects, intrusions on the track, overcrowding on platforms and even video-tracking in real time, among others.

The application of new technologies in railway maintenance is also vital to guaranteeing availability and reliability, while reducing costs. Through data analysis and algorithms, it is possible to predict incidents to the infrastructure or predict the wear of rolling stock. The application of intelligent sensors allows knowing the status of equipment in real time. And, finally, the use of augmented reality shortens maintenance times. New technologies with a single objective: minimise stoppage time at depots.

In Alstom’s new strategic approach to offer integrated mobility solutions, Alstom is also investing in new means of transport beyond railway systems. Thus, it is participating in EasyMile, an innovative start-up company which manufactures an electric autonomous shuttle called‘EZ10’ that guarantees the first and last mile transportation. This enables Alstom to expand its knowledge into the driverless technologies, to reinforce its portfolio and enlarge its range of solutions.

Alstom has also launched, together with its subsidiary NTL, a new experience of mobility to complete its emission free, 100% electric range of solutions: Aptis. Aptis’ design is based on that of a tram. Aptis arises from Alstom’s experience with trams and electro-mobility systems. The company has developed a completely innovative, urban transport vehicle. It incorporates low-floor accessibility and 360° views. Two or three large double doors on each side enable easy on-and-off passenger flows and smooth access for wheelchairs and strollers. Operators will benefit from a vehicle that is easy to maintain with the longest lifetime in its category. With four steerable wheels versus two for a bus, Aptis occupies 25% less surface area in curves, providing perfect integration into the city.

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