Work Starts on Construction of Zwankendamme Rail Yard in Belgium

05 September 2015 Saturday, 11:17
Railway Infrastruter Project

In the Port of Zeebrugge, to the south of the existing marshalling station at Zwankendamme, Infrabel is expanding capacity by constructing the new Zwankendamme rail yard. The Zwankendamme yard is used by domestic and international freight trains.

Fewer shunting movements

The first step in the works is to shift the two main tracks towards the N31 road. This will make room for extra tracks.

As we are building the sets of tracks behind one another, it will take just two shunting movements to move the train into position. This reduces the environmental impact and improves safety for employees coordinating shunting movements.

Habitability for local residents

We are incorporating the following features in order to minimise any noise and visual intrusion for local residents:

A nine metre-high green embankment as a pleasant recreational space
Rail dampers for additional noise reduction
A buffer zone with high-growing trees
Sound barrier screens in Zwankendamme ad Lissewege

Source: Infrabel

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