16 Jun 2021 Wed

UK Confirmed New High-Speed Network Projects

19 June 2007 Tuesday, 18:57

The UK government today confirmed it was considering a high-speed rail link using new and emerging technologies following a report by independent rail group Greengauge 21.

The not-for-profit organisation, established to research and develop the concept of a high-speed rail network, has called for the rail link to connect the channel tunnel terminus near London to Birmingham in the midlands.
The link would enable Midlands travellers to reach Paris in three hours, bypassing central London.
Today a UK Department of Transport spokesperson confirmed proposals for the high-speed link, hoped for cost £15bn, will be considered and results published as part of a white paper on railways.
A technical strategy looking at new and emerging technologies will also be published. One strongly considered proposal will look at incorporating in-cab signalling to new commuter trains, allowing trains to run closer together to reduce travelling times. The white paper and technical strategy are due out next month.

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