Transmashholding to Diversify the Purchase of Electric Locomotive Transformers

28 September 2012 Friday, 07:54

CJSC Transmashholding signed the contract with the Ukrainian enterprise “Ukrelectroapparat” (Khmelnitskiy town) to purchase traction transformers for mainline AC freight locomotives.

The Holding is going to buy 4350 kW transformers in Ukraine to supply 2ES5K and 3ES5K “Ermak” electric locomotive production. The first shipment is expected to be done within this month.

It is assumed that the locomotive body installed version of transformers will be purchased.

Parties achieved an essential agreement in regard to transformer model types to be developed for Transmashholding needs and designed for electric locomotives of other types.

The Ukrainian enterprise is one of the most named and competent transformer equipment manufacturers and is engaged in electrical engineering industry since more than 50 years.

The agreement with Ukrelectroapparat is a part of Transmasholding’s long-term strategy aimed at the component purchase diversification. The company’s expectation is that the cooperation with the Ukrainian plant will aid the transformer manufacturer competition; it will provide for a consistent high quality and up-to-date engineering level of purchased equipment.

Source: TMH Press Centre


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