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Transhmashholding Sent 4 Passenger Diesel Locomotives in 2011

20 December 2011 Tuesday, 21:42
TEP70BS Diesel Locomotive

Kolomenskiy zavod completed the program of 2011 for supply of TEP70BS passenger diesel locomotives for the State Joint Stock Railway Company Uzbekistan Temir Yullari.

All together four new diesel locomotives – No. 132, 140, 152 and 160 – were delivered in Uzbekistan in 2011. The last diesel locomotive was shipped from the plant at the beginning of December of the current year.

The ТEP70BS diesel locomotives supplies began in 2007 and at the present moment the аддуе ща such locomotives counts 8 units, allocated in Buhara, Tinchlik and Urgench depots. They perform passenger transportation on the Buhara – Samarkand, Uchkuduk, Ugrench – Karshi routes.

The Kolomenskiy zavod products have been supplying to Uzbekistan since the times of the Soviet Union. TEP70 diesel locomotives approved themselves in operation on the Uzbekistan railways, where they were delivered by the plant in 1970-s – 1980-s. One of such locomotives (No.8) is installed in the Tashkent Railway Technics Museum. Kolomenskiy zavod also delivered to Uzbekistan 1A-9DG version 3 diesel generators for modernization of 2TE10 freight diesel locomotives, 3-36DG and 4-36DG diesel generators for shunting locomotives modernization, spare parts and other products.

Photos & Source : TMHolding

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