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TMH is Testing the Innovative Hybrid Class TEM35 Shunting Locomotive

03 July 2013 Wednesday, 12:19
TEM35 Shunting Locomotives

Class TEM35 shunting locomotive with a compound (hybrid) propulsion unit is tested at Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, part of Transmashholding).

The six-axle TEM35 shunting locomotive with an asynchronous traction motor and AC electric transmission is a new Holding’s development. Electrochemical energy storage units – super capacitors – are used in the locomotive design. This technical solution was implemented for the first time ever and knows no equals in the Russian Federation.

According to preliminary estimates of experts, fuel consumption is reduced by 30% and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere become a third to a half less.

TEM35 is manufactured by method of the module assembly thus allowing to bring the manufacturing costs down. The basic design elements are unified together. The Caterpillar diesel engine is used as the propulsion unit, which improves operational and ecological features of the locomotive. Application of antifriction axle-bearings eliminates the maintenance of axle units from the technological procedure. The locomotive is equipped with a packege of safety systems. To provide comfort for the driver in the course of his work, general noise level is reduced in the driver’s cab due to application of state-of-the-art sound-insulating materials and package glazing; microclimate system is incorporated, ergonomics are well-considered.

Engineering solutions and components applied during the locomotive development increase runs between repairs substantially, save energy resources and reduce air emissions, cut down the number and time of scheduled repairs and maintenance.

At the moment, TEM35 is undergoing preliminary and start-up tests. Starting from July of this year, a 300-hour operation run at Bryansk-II station will be performed, after which the locomotive will undergo acceptance and certification tests.

TEM35 Class shunting locomotive will be presented to the professional association within EXPO 1520 exposition in September, 2013.

Source : TMH Press Centre


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