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The Reconstruction of the Last Northern Section of the Pan-European Transport Corridor has Begun in Serbia

14 October 2015 Wednesday, 16:32

On October 12, RZD International (a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways) started the reconstruction of the third (last) northern section of the Pan-European Transport Corridor X Mala Krsna–Velika Plana.

On the 29.5-km stretch it is planned to update the upper and lower track structure, reconstruct 8 turnouts and 18 road crossings, and repair 12 small artificial structures and a 70-m-long metal bridge.

One distinctive feature of the reconstruction of this area will be that the work will be carried out in the autumn–winter period. Like in other places, RZD International will use advanced Russian technologies on the system of the track superstructure, increasing performance and significantly reducing work.

After the reconstruction of Mala Krsna–Velika Plana, the speed of trains will increase from the current 50 km/h to 120 km/h and the necessary levels of safety will be ensured.

Transport Corridor X connects Salzburg (Austria) and Thessaloniki (Greece), going through Zagreb, Belgrade and Skopje. The total length of sections of Corridor X being reconstructed by RZD International is over 112 km. The cost of this project, which is being funded by Russian state credit, is about $84 million.

Source: RZD Media Centre

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