The New Mainline 2ES7 Electric Locomotive Has Driven 30 Heavy Trains on the BAM

Since November 2016, the new mainline 2ES7 electric locomotive has driven 30 heavy trains weighing 6000 t on the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

23 February 2017 Thursday, 11:12

Since November 2016, the new mainline 2ES7 electric locomotive has driven 30 heavy trains weighing 6000 t on the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

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The new rolling stock went through towing-power tests on the East Siberian Railway in October-November last year on the Taishet-Taksimo site. As a result of these trips, it was concluded that the mass of the trains could be increased and, at the same time, operating costs could be reduced by 12%.

Earlier on the BAM, a train weighing that much was driven by three-section Ermak 3ES5K locomotives with 12 traction axles and a total capacity of 9.84 MW. The 2ES7 locomotive capacity is 8.8 MW and its eight-axle traction successfully overcame the Taishet-Taksimo plot (which is similar to the BAM) with a weight of 6000 t while having, on average, 25% lower electricity consumption. This was made possible thanks to the improved booster system of the 2ES7 and the traction characteristics of the induction motors.

The Taishet-Taksimo site combines a whole range of factors that impede the operation of locomotives. Here one can find the greatest number of crossover areas and tight curves, and the temperature ranges from 50°C in the summer to -50°C in the winter. In addition, the large amount of snow falling on the tracks complicates movement in winter. Also, in terms of cold-weather traction, the rolling stock is subject to sudden changes in external temperatures, passing through the Severomuisk railway tunnel with a length of over 15 km. Due to the technological features of the tunnel, the temperature in it never falls below 15°C. In winter, due to the temperature difference between the air inside and outside the tunnel, the load on all systems, components, and materials of the locomotive is multiplied.

The 2ES7 is Russia’s first AC mainline electric freight locomotive with an induction traction drive unit. Created at Ural Locomotives in 2013, it utilizes an asynchronous traction motor, providing the locomotive with high-power towing abilities.

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