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Thales will Install Signalling System for Polskie Linie Kolejowe

20 September 2011 Tuesday, 18:25

Thales has signed eight contracts worth €87m from Polish railway infrastructure operator Polskie Linie Kolejowe for the design, delivery, installation and commissioning of signalling systems.

The purpose of the projects is to upgrade the E30 corridor according to the new European agreement on main international railway lines, and to enhance the capacity and safety of the railway infrastructure by connecting major polish urban cities, including Kraków and Silesia.
According to the Polish railway operator, the projects will cover busy parts of the E30 corridor but all works will be carried out without disturbing the daily operations of the line.
Thales will also deliver wayside equipment, electronic interlocking and centralised traffic control systems.
The project is expected to be completed by mid 2013.

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