Thales to Supply DRMC Ticketing Equipment

Delhi Metro Rail (DMRC) in India has awarded Thales a contract to upgrade fare collection systems across the metro’s Phase I and Phase II stations.

17 January 2016 Sunday, 13:30

Under the deal, Thales will provide additional ticketing machines and access gates to improve passengers’ travel facilities and comfort.

According to the company, the additional gates will be delivered between February and September.

As part of the upgrade, 100 metro stations will be equipped with 240 additional gates and 450 vending machines.

Thales will install 300 ticket vending machines (TVM) and 150 automatic vending machines (AVM) dedicated for card top-up.

Two new sections of the metro line Phase III, Faridabad and Badli, have recently been opened with the new Thales automated vending machines, which help in reducing queues at ticket counters.

Thales has currently supplied 1,130 access gates, 800 TVMs and 600 AVMs for the Delhi metro network over the last 13 years.

The company covers more than 70% of the total network serving around three million passengers every day.

According to DMRC, Thales automated systems are helping to make public transport more attractive to Delhi’s citizens and reduce congestion and CO2 emissions in an urban area where road traffic is particularly dense.

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