13 Dec 2019 Fri

china railway projects articles

China to Begin Construction of 35 Railway Projects 3 years önce  |  China

China Railway Corporation (CRC) will begin the construction of 35 new railway projects this year,...

China to Finans New Railway Line in Malaysia 3 years önce  |  Business

Chinese companies will finance and build a 620-kilometre rail line spanning the east coast of...

China Tests Its 1st Suspended Railway Line 3 years önce  |  China

China successfully tested their suspended railway on September 30.

State Planner Approves $12.6 bln High-Speed Railway Projects in China 4 years önce  |  Asia

China’s state planner approved a 80.51 billion yuan ($12.60 billion) high-speed rail project, according to...

China High-Speed Railway Tender Bid Results Released 12 years önce  |  Asia

China’s Ministry of Railways has announced the opening results for bidding on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed...

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